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inspire people to move in urban places

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perfect exercise after a relaxing day at the beach

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The Court

Materials and construction

The court is made of a steel frame, tempered glass walls, wooden floor beams and composite floorpanels. The glass is printed with a white honeycomb print with about 50% see-through. The back wall is transparent. Above the side and front walls and partly at the top there is a net to keep the ball inside. The court has in height adjustable steel feet and can be founded on prefabricated concrete slabs.


The materials are all waterproof. The floor has a perforated surface and is therefore water permeable. The construction is designed to withstand storms up to 12 Beaufort.

Modular and assembly

The court is designed to assemble or reassemble within a few days. All parts will be delivered in one container and can be joined by bolt and nut connections. A local contractor can assemble the court within 4-5 days guided by a manual. For the assembling a crane must be used with a reaching height of at least 9 meters and a payload of at least 300kg.


On top of the frame 4 fixtures of 150watt are placed to lighten the court.


Inner dimensions of the court are in line with the WSF standards. The outer dimensions are about 6,6 meters wide, 10 meters long and 6 meters in height. The total weight is approximately 9 tons.


The parts of 1 or max 2 courts fit in a 40 feet container for transport by land or sea.


We are now setting up the production of the courts and hope to be ready to take orders Q3-2024. Production time will be approximately 2 months.


Purchase price for an outdoor squashcourt will range between €50k and €60k excluding taxes, transport and assembling. Final price will depend on the order size and amount that can be produced at once. Cost of transport will normally range between €5k to €10k for a container, though 2 courts can fit in.


Squash is a dynamic and fun game to play. It needs strategy, technic and physical strength to compete. Besides this it is the most healthy sport in the world according to investigation of Forbes Magazine. Nowadays it is mainly hidden in unattracted indoor sport facilities. Our mission is making squash accessible to a broader public by taking squash outdoors.


Due to the corona lockdown, squash couldn’t be played for over a year. Instead I played padel outdoors. I liked playing outside, but did miss the dynamics of squash. This gave me the idea to take squash outdoors. Within a year we created a design and realized the first prototype, which we thouroughly tested for more than 1,5 years. In meanwhile we upgraded the design and are almost ready to hit the market with the first scalable outdoor squash court.

Rik Zwikker
Founder Fresh Squashcourts


NEW COURT  Coming this summer to Chicago. A new free accessible outdoor squashcourt on behalf of the PSA Foundation to be placed in a public parc in the center of Chicago. Production has been started.

RELOCATED  Due to the modular concept the outdoor squashcourt is easy to assemble and disassamble. Half may ’24 we relocated the prototype outdoor court from the sportspark in Amsterdam to Squash and Padel Ede. At the venue there was space between 2 padelcourts where the court fits perfectly in between.  





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